Hi Profile Embroidery

Requesting a quote

Simply forward your design in PDF, JPEG, EPS, or JPG to info@hiprofile.com.au. Include your phone number in case we want clarification on some points. You can reliably expect to hear from us within 24 hours.

We are happy to embroider whatever items you have or select garments and other products for embroidery here.

Tips for better embroidery

Before you forward your design for a quote:

  1. Try to keep your design as simple as possible
  2. Minimise the amount of lettering – remember that on a garment the ‘grab’ time a person has to read what is there is very limited.
  3. Keep lettering to a minimum of 5mm, as small lettering starts to disintegrate on knitted material and become somewhat illegible
  4. Graduated colour is difficult to achieve in embroidery as is ‘transparent’ colours. Ink and thread are 2 entirely different mediums. The physical dimensions of thread are quite different to that of ink.

Terms and Conditions


Generally speaking from the time we receive your artwork until such time as we have a sample ready for approval, allow around 5 or so work days. From approval of your design to completion of your job – providing we have the goods it would take around 4-5 days.


By and large most things and materials can be embroidered, some items which may not be able to be done are:

  • Hats with stiff brims,
  • Some leather products,
  • Some bags because of the positioning of pockets straps etc.